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Cultured Akoya Pearl Necklaces have become one of the most popular pearls within all categories because of their amazing luster, clean surface quality, and incredible value. Our amazing collection of both white and black akoya pearls is sure to meet all the needs of any pearl lover.
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The Quality of the 18" Princess Akoya Pearl Necklace

Akoya pearls are one of the various rare pearls available in the world. These come from specific oysters and are circular in shape. Most of these beautiful pearls are white in colour; however, you can still find these in different colours. These specific pearls come from a specific type of oysters which are quite smaller than normal oysters. These have a very smooth surface and the feeling is incredible when you hold one of these in your hands. The traditional akoya pearls are milky white and this particular type of pearl is used to make the 18" princess akoya pearl necklace. The princess necklaces are generally greater in length and they have a very bright white colour which stands out from the crowd.

The white akoya pearls are recognized due to their traditional white look. This bright white colour makes the akoya pearls different from other ordinary natural pearls. Also, the rose and the silver colour are also used to make princess necklaces and these are outstanding when a matching dress is selected as well. They basically enhance the beauty and add a feeling of purity in a woman. A typical 18" princess akoya pearl necklace is likely to have over 60 natural white akoya pearls which look exactly the same. Usually the size of the pearl is medium in these necklaces and a good princess necklace should have a pearl size of over 7 millimetres. These specific necklaces are usually hand-made and they are likely to have silver or a golden fashionable clasp. These particular necklaces can be purchased from several places and Laguna Pearl is one of the most reliable places to purchase the akoya pearl necklaces. These people have a lot of experience and they have genuine pearl necklaces which are superior in quality and they offer pretty affordable prices as well. In order to get the perfect 18" princess akoya pearl necklace, you should definitely go for Laguna Pearl.

The akoya pearls are generally a lot more expensive than other pearls such as the freshwater pearls, and this is because they are rare. A lot of people demand this particular pearl but the production is very less which is why the prices are likely to stay high. Also, the high prices make these pearls worth purchasing as they are treated as an inferior good so most of the people, who own these pearls, buy it because of their expensive being as they are luxurious.

You can also find dyed akoya pearls which are quite impressive as well for formal events. These black pearls are not obtained naturally but they are coloured and they still have the same quality. However, an 18" princess akoya pearl necklace only consists of a natural and bright colour.

The akoya pearl jewellery including the necklaces has been around for several generations as they are ancient. They have become quite popular in wealthy and luxurious families. Therefore, these particular necklaces are kept for a lot of time and then passed down to the next generation by families.

The common size for a princess necklace is between 16 to 18 inches and these are quite expensive. There have been several sayings about this particular necklace and one of these is that it has the power to turn a woman into a diva which means that this particular necklace is known to keep a woman young for the entire life and bring out the beauty in her no matter what the age is.

These akoya pearls are known as saltwater pearls and these are the cultured pearls originated from Japan. These initially came into existence in the early 19th century and have been used since then as a form of modern jewellery. China is also a producer of this particular pearl and the quality is similar to the Japanese akoya pearls. The akoya pearl necklaces are also in competition against freshwater pearl necklaces which are quite cheaper. These are also beautiful and look very similar to the akoya pearls. However, the akoya pearls are used to design the best 18" princess akoya pearl necklace.

Basically, these pearls come from salt water which is why they have a very rich colour. They are widely used in Japan as there is a large market for akoya pearls there. However, the demand for these pearls is also quite high in the U.S. Other developed countries also have a pretty high demand for these pearls as these are home to the wealthiest people. Women like jewellery, and necklaces are their top priority which is why these pearl necklaces are quite important for luxurious women. White is the standard colour for akoya pearl necklaces but you can also find the classic black colour which goes well with all sorts of accessories and dresses.

Laguna Pearl is the probably the best place if you want to shop for pearls. They have a variety of different pearls and jewelleries, and princess akoya pearl necklaces are also available. These are in white colour and reflect the personality and the style of the individual wearing this particular necklace. Also, this place offers quite affordable prices for necklaces which is why they are quite popular in terms of pearl jewellery.

You can use akoya pearl necklaces as special gifts. You can give these to your loved one or to a friend. Anyone who is given this particular necklace knows the quality of it and the price attached to it. Therefore, it can be a very good luxury gift. These are also used as royal gifts as the necklace is made up of several pearls, usually around 60 pearls and because these pearls are quite rare in the world, giving this as a gift would mean that you have these rare ancient gems in the form of modern jewellery. The princess akoya pearl necklace is ideal if you need to show a rich personality and need to stand out from a crowd. These can be ideal for quality events and functions when you need others to admire you.