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White Akoya Pearl Necklace- Trendy and in Fashion

White Akoya pearl necklace is not only expensive but it is also in very high demand. It is very popular among women of rich families. These white pearls give woman elegance and grace the like of which is not possible with other necklaces. The Akoya pearls are also known as saltwater pearls and they are not naturally occurring. In fact, they are cultured from sea water. They are cultured mainly in Japan and China but they can be bought from other countries as well. A Japanese man named Kokichi Mikimoto is considered to be the first man to have cultured Akoya pearls. Akoya pearls are produced from oysters which are very small in size. For this reason, pearls produced from them by introducing small amount of irritant are also not large. Their diameter may range between 3 to 9 mm. The oysters secrete a substance commonly known as nacre. Some oysters are covered with many layers of this substance. The thicker the layer the better the quality of the pearl will be.

In China, pearl farmers actively culture Akoya pearls too. The process to differentiate quality pearls from low graded ones is long and tedious. The famers put in a lot of hard work and hand pick the quality pearls and then strung them into coils. White Akoya pearl necklace commands more respect than fresh water pearl necklace because of the marked difference in the quality of both the necklaces. Although Akoya pearl necklace is of very high quality, yet it is less expensive than Tahitian and South seawater pearl necklaces. If you want detailed info on the methods to culture white Akoya pearls then you should visit our site Laguna pearls. On our site, you will be able to find info about the types and kinds of necklaces that are prepared from these pearls.

The necklaces prepared from Akoya pearls vary a great deal in color, shape as well as size. To add to the misery of the customer, even white Akoya pearl is of many different types which make it extremely difficult to select the necklace that is both perfect in shape and contain pearls that are high in quality as well as texture. Dog collar and choker are two very popular styles of Akoya pearl necklaces. They both vary in their styles and arrangement of pearls. Dog collar consists of a single strand of pearls. This type of necklace can be 12 inches long. Choker on the other hand is a more common type of white Akoya pearl necklace and it may be 17 to 19 inches long. There is also a third type known as Matinee necklace. It is a long Akoya necklace. Its length may be between 20 to 24 inches. They are made up from single as well as double strands. The longest necklace available in the market is opera and its length may be between 24 to 48 inches.

White Akoya pearls are very attractive, eye catching and soothing to look at. It is for this reason that women who are used to wearing them become addicted to them. This is due to the fact that they eventually become the part of the personality of the woman who carries them. Akoya pearls are usually classified using AAA, AA+, AA and A categories. The Akoya necklaces that are manufactured using AAA pearls are very expensive because their quality is very high and are 96% blemish free. They also are very lustrous and constitute only 1 % of the harvest of the pearls. The necklaces prepared from such quality white Akoya pearls are difficult to find and purchase. They may cost you more than $5000. The price of the necklace keeps on declining with the decrease in the quality of Akoya pearls used in it. Necklaces prepared from AA+ pearls are also very expensive. The least expensive necklaces are prepared from A grade pearls. The class of the necklace depends totally upon the extent to which the pearls are blemish free. The irregularities in the pearls are the main cause of the decrease in the price of the necklace. You can find all the information about the grading of Akoya pearls and the preference and cost effectiveness of the necklaces made from different quality pearls. You can visit Laguna pearl to buy quality necklaces that you can carry easily and gracefully.

The process of manufacturing of pearl is not all that simple. The pearl farmers in Japan or China sell their pearls to big time pearl buyers in other countries who take them to their factories for bleaching and polishing. Akoya pearl farming is difficult but the reward for all the hard work is much more. It is a good idea to buy white Akoya pearl necklace from a reputed designer or at least a trusted dealer. For a commoner, it can be really hard to distinguish high quality pearl from the one which is low grade due to which you may end up paying big money for a necklace which is not worth your time and money. It is equally important to see that the pearls are well stranded in the necklace because it can be really embarrassing if you are in the middle of a party and your necklace breaks down. Also as result of breakage of strand, you may end up losing precious pearls.

Nowadays, there are many online shops from which you can purchase the white Akoya pearl necklace. The online method is not only fast but it is reliable as well. You can also visit Laguna pearl to know about the latest designs and selections of necklaces. You will also come to know about the latest selections of White Akoya pearl necklaces. You can also find out about the maximum discounts that you can get on a particular necklace. However, discount should not influence your decision to buy a necklace. The motivational factor should be the style of the necklace and quality of white Akoya pearls in it. Saving money is not important when it comes to buying trendy, in fashion and classy jewelry.