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By far, Laguna Pearl's core specialty is our amazing collection of high end South Sea pearl necklaces. Specifically, our Tahitian black pearl necklaces are some of the most impressive within the industry and we have become known for using exotic and rare colors of Tahitian pearls in all our strands. Furthermore, if there is a black pearl necklace that you cannot find within our large collection, please call us for a price quote on your specific pearl necklace request.
Tahitian Pearl Necklaces Akoya Black Pearl Necklaces

Black Pearl Necklaces

Black Pearl Necklaces are some of the nicest pearl necklaces in the world and have become extremely unique because of their rare color and overtones. Black pearls are divided into two main categories, Black Akoya pearls and Black Tahitian pearls. Black Akoya pearls are cultured in Japan and are considered to be the cheaper alternative to south sea pearls. Black Tahitian pearls come directly from the pearl farms of French Polynesia and are considered to be the highest quality black pearls in the world. Laguna Pearl is proud to offer one of the largest and most selective collections of black pearl necklaces on the internet. Whether you are looking for a Tahitian black pearl necklace or a black akoya pearl necklaces, Laguna Pearl offers an enormous selection of pearl sizes, pearl qualities, and pearl colors to choose from. If you have any questions regarding black pearls, you can read at further length about it in our pearl education section. Furthermore, please feel free to call one of our pearl experts to find the best suited piece of pearl jewelry for that upcoming special occasion.

Black Pearl Necklaces - A Fashion Statement

Black pearl necklaces have the ability to make you look even more elegant than you already are. Another name for black pearls is Tahitian pearls. The color of these stones may not be necessarily black. They come in various colors; common among them are brown, grey and green. They may also have golden, blue or peacock green overtones to them.

The price of a particular necklace depends upon the value and quality of the stones from which it is manufactured. As a general rule, the darker the black pearl is, the more expensive the necklace is. Moreover, a perfect spherical shaped pearl is far more expensive than pearls of other shapes. This is because it is very difficult to give a perfect spherical shape to a pearl. So if you happen to see a necklace that has round or spherical pearls, you should know that the necklace will cost a fortune. The overtone of the Black pearl necklace also affects its price. A perfect overtone to a black pearl can cost the buyer many dollars. Therefore, we at Laguna Pearl, bring the most stylish and suitable designs for you so that you can make a perfect choice according to your budget and personality.

Necklaces that are made from pearls obtained from South Seas are very popular and in demand in the market. The reason is that these pearls are larger in size and they may have a diameter in the range of 8 to 18 mm. There are many varieties of black pearl necklaces available at Laguna Pearl. Most of them are manufactured from original pearls but the important thing is that you should know the worth of the pearl in the necklace before paying the price for it.

Black pearl necklace posses such a quality and aura that will make any woman look elegant and classy. However, there are some things which you should check to ensure that you are buying the right kind of necklace, whether you buy it from Laguna Pearl or from somewhere else. You should check the color, luster and roundness of the pearl. Besides these basic factors, there is another thing which you should know and that is that no two pearls are alike. So it will be very difficult to find a necklace in which all pearls are alike. For this reason, you will be better off looking for a necklace in which most of the stones look exactly alike or at least the blemish is not easily recognizable. At Laguna Pearl, you will be able to find plenty of information related to the best ways to select the necklace and the site will guide you in buying the one that you desire the most.

In the market place, you will find natural as well as cultured black pearls. Cultured black pearls are more expensive than naturally obtained ones. For this reason, necklaces made from cultured pearls will be more expensive than those prepared from natural pearls. Cultured black pearls are prepared with a lot of efforts on the part of labor and expert pearl farmers which contribute to the higher price of cultured black pearl necklace.

As black pearl necklaces can be very expensive, so it is a good idea to buy them from the collection of a reputed designer. Black pearled necklaces have really reached a pinnacle of fame in the past few years. Famous models and actresses wearing these black pearl necklaces in public events and fashion shows have given a new place to pearls in the fashion industry. In many parts of the world, black pearls in necklace and earrings is considered an important accessory of rich women. They like to wear them to important functions and parties. Black pearl jewelry is a novelty rather than a necessity. Many fashion designers across the globe have also incorporated other beautiful jewels along with black pearl in the manufacturing of necklace. The combination enhances the beauty of the black pearl necklace. If you want to know more about the jewelry designers, their artistic work and the quality and styles they have to offer then you should definitely consider visiting our site i.e. Laguna Pearl.

There are also black fresh water pearl necklaces that are unique in design. In buying these necklaces, you should make sure that they are properly built so that there is no chance of breaking of strands. It is very important to check that each pearl is individually tied to the strand. The necklaces are very expensive but they are sure to make any woman happy if you give them as Christmas or birthday present. The size of the necklace that you wish to wear is very important. The size should not be larger than your neck. The black pearl necklace will look very odd if your neck is smaller than the necklace, whereas on a thicker neck, smaller necklace will look out of place. You can know more about which type of necklace is suitable for what kind of physique by paying a visit to our site, Laguna Pearl.

There are single stranded as well as double stranded pearl necklaces. The type depends totally upon the style you want to adopt. You can make a style statement either by wearing black necklace with black gown like Michelle Obama or by wearing big beads in a single strand. Anything which sets you apart from the rest of the crowd will look cool. Another way to stand out from rest is by wearing a necklace that not only has black pearls in it but also contains diamond or some other rare pearl or stone. To give yourself a trendier look, you can wear black pearl necklace on top of a jean and T shirt. If you want to become a fashion icon, you can visit our site to get to know how you can use black pearl necklace in a better way.

It is your own choice whether you want to go for expensive or relatively cheaper pearl necklaces but one thing you should never do is to compromise on the quality. Quality stuff will last longer and your money will be worth it. Buying the same necklace from fake dealer will be total waste of your resources.