Laguna Pearl has become known for offering the widest and most impressive collection of pearl necklaces on the internet. Whether you are looking for Tahitian Black Pearls, White South Sea Pearls, Golden South Sea Pearls, Akoya Pearls or Freshwater Pearls, our vast collection of gorgeous pearl necklaces are sure to meet your needs.
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Pearl Necklaces

Consistency and uniformity are paramount in the production of fine quality pearl necklaces. Each pearl must be hand selected to ensure it to be a perfect accompaniment to its counterparts. Completing a strand of pearls is an exercise in precision and expert craftsmanship. Laguna Pearl, the Internetís top supplier of fine quality cultured pearls, takes great pride in presenting white, gold and Tahitian South Sea, Chinese freshwater, Japanese Akoya and even Hanadama certified cultured pearl strands. Each stunning necklace is comprised of high quality pearls, painstakingly matched in shape, body colour, lustre and surface characteristics. The result is a stunning selection of beautifully crafted jewellery conveying the brilliance, tone and deep-seated glow that emanates from only the highest quality freshwater and saltwater pearls.


No womanís jewellery collection is complete without the timeless refinement of Akoya pearls. The first round pearls to be successfully cultured, the silky luxuriousness of Japanese Akoya pearls adorns women of stature around the globe.

The saltwater pearl scale that pertains to Akoya pearls ranges from A, AA, AA+, AAA and Hanadama. Laguna Pearl offers a wide array of handsomely designed Akoya necklaces, guaranteed to carry a minimum AA+ quality grading and certificate of authenticity. They also offer the superior Hanadama certified Akoya pearl sets. This exquisite collection boasts Japanese Akoya pearls selected from the top 1 percent of all pearls harvested. Each piece in the Hanadama collection comes with a numbered certificate issued from the Pearl Science Laboratory in Japan to guarantee quality and value.


South Sea pearls, primarily produced in Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines, produce colour variations as diverse as the rainbow. Pink, blue, gold, green and even purple pearls have been found, but to collect enough of these rare colors to form a complete string of the same size and same shade can take years. Laguna Pearl carries a selective range of lustrous white and golden South Sea pearl strands. Each luxurious necklace carries a minimum AA+ quality grading and certificate of authenticity, and is destined to become an heirloom favourite.


Found off the coast of Tahiti and various other Pacific Islands, Tahitian South Sea pearls produce a romantic and mysterious blend of colour. Tahitian pearls require a lengthy incubation period, usually two to four years, to perfect the dazzling hues of black, green, purple, blue, grey, silver or a mix of several shades, not unlike a peacock's feather, unique to their namesake. Whether perfectly matched or beautifully colour coordinated, Laguna Pearl guarantees at least an AA+ quality rating on every Tahitian South Sea pearl strand in this stunning range.


These very popular pearls herald from the freshwater rivers and ponds of China. In the past decade, freshwater pearls have transformed the pearl industry by incorporating new harvesting techniques that consistently create beautifully round pearls in colors spanning from blazingly bright white to blush pink. This advanced technology has enabled Laguna Pearl to offer quality freshwater pearl necklaces at exceptionally low prices.

In accordance with the traditional freshwater pearl scale of A, AA, AA+ and AAA, the freshwater strands from Laguna Pearl are rated with at least AA+ quality. This selectiveness ensures that every pearl in a necklace is chosen from the top 10 percent of all freshwater pearls harvested. Laguna Pearl will accept nothing less.