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Akoya pearls have become one of the most popular pearls within all categories because of their amazing luster, clean surface quality, and incredible value. Our amazing collection of both white and black akoya pearls is sure to meet all the needs of any pearl lover. Please check out our vast collection of akoya pearl earrings, akoya pearl bracelets, akoya pearl necklaces, and much more below.

The Rare and Genuine Saltwater Akoya Pearls

Genuine Saltwater akoya pearls are quite popular when you are looking for pearl jewelleries and these specific pearls are of high quality and are cultured. However, this does not mean that these cultured pearls are produced by humans in factories. Basically, if left on their own, these pearls would be very rare and it is known that natural Akoya pearls may be found once in over two thousand oysters. Therefore, with the latest Japanese technology, these professionals found a way to increase the production of these specific pearls. This increased the production significantly. However, these particular pearls are still quite rare and are expensive. Basically, to explain it even further, the professionals manually planted shell beads in the tissue of the oysters and for the pearl to develop fully inside the oyster, it takes a couple of years which is why these are still quite rare. After these beautiful and perfectly circular pearls are obtained, they can be used on several necklaces, rings and earrings.

The Akoya oysters are the only oysters which can produce these specific pearls and they are only found in China and Japan. These Genuine saltwater akoya pearls initially started from Japan until China became the primary producer of this particular pearl. The Chinese akoya pearls received popularity in the late 1980s and after that, Chinaís akoya pearls have been known to have the exact same quality as the Japanese akoya pearls. Even though both the countries still produce these pearls, they are still quite rare in the world. If you need to purchase these pearls as a part of your collection or you need these in the form of beautiful jewellery then you can select these from a vast range of Laguna Pearl as they are known for selling the best quality pearls at relatively lower prices.

The major characteristic of the akoya pearls is that they are perfectly circular in shape and can be found in various sizes including small, medium and large sizes as well. These can also be found in comparatively bigger sizes over 10 millimetres. However, these are quite luxurious and rare to find which is why they are a lot more expensive than the normal size of these pearls. Various colours can also be found such as golden, white, cream and pink. Even though, these pearls were initially found in only light colours, they can also be found in black colour. These black ones may be very few in the world. However, you can easily get a black colour on Genuine Saltwater akoya pearls by dying these in order to get the fancy dark colour. One thing that many people donít understand is that dying these pearls doesnít make their quality fall and it doesnít affect the value of the pearl in any way. Therefore you can find these in various other colours as well such as dark blue and green. These colours are preferred by some of the people and these are bought, as dying these pearls doesnít affect the value of the quality of the pearl in any way and they maintain the same importance. The genuine saltwater akoya pearls are known for their history and their meaning. They can totally change how you look and you can create a different personality just by using the akoya pearls in the form of necklaces or bracelets. These are known to be the rarest pearls and these definitely bring out the quality in you and reflect a superior class.

The Akoya pearls are cultured and this cannot be changed. However, these are not fake any way and their quality is still superior to other pearls. The major question is not that if the pearls are cultured or natural when you go to buy these pearls. You will only find cultured and these are the genuine saltwater akoya pearls. However, the major question is that if these are the original akoya pearls or not. A lot of shop keepers charge a lot of price for painted balls and try to fool you by claiming that these are the genuine akoya pearls. Other shopkeepers may paint other lower class pearls which come out perfectly circular in shape. This is why, you can easily lose up a lot of money and get fake pearls. Laguna Pearl is one of those reliable sellers which assure you the best quality and the lowest prices and if you need to buy genuine saltwater akoya pearls, then this place would definitely be worth visiting as they specialize in luxurious pearls.

The akoya pearl necklaces are also widely recognized as a form of luxurious jewellery. These necklaces look gorgeous and represent the well-being and the personality of a woman. Being rare in the world is the speciality of this particular pearl and this is why a lot of people love to purchase it as they feel the need to own something which others canít have. Therefore, these are also purchased as collectibles as they are ancient and have extreme significance.

The newer pearls are the freshwater pearls which also have outstanding quality. These are widely available and you can find these at several different places at pretty low prices. These freshwater pearls are often known as competitors of these rare and genuine saltwater akoya pearls. These are available in various sizes and different colours. The genuine akoya pearls are still superior in terms of quality. You can purchase the freshwater pearls in order to give out that luxurious look but why most of the people buy the akoya pearls is because of their expensive being and the rareness. This contributes to the luxurious feeling which you obtain by using these genuine saltwater akoya pearls as jewellery.

Even in the rarest pearls, which are the akoya pearls, you will often find different grades of quality. The perfect circular shapes are often expensive but they are ideal for pearl necklaces and bracelets. These perfect pearls can be used in various forms of jewellery. White colour is the most common colour in Akoya pearls and it gives out that beautiful feeling by wearing the clear white pearls. Cream, pink and rose are other colours which are available. To make the most out of your akoya pearl necklace, you should have a matching pearl bracelet and pearl earrings.