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Laguna Pearl offers a wide array of high quality black pearl earrins including gorgeous tahitian pearl earrings or black Akoya pearl earrings. From basic pearl stud earrings to high-end diamond encrusted pearl earrings, our impressive collection of hundreds of styles can meet your needs for any upcoming occasion.
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We at Laguna Pearl understand your exquisite choices in pearls. And according to our understanding of your choices, we bring to you a variety of exquisite and out of the ordinary collection of pearl jewelry. One of our most prized possessions and the most outstanding collections is our genuine Tahitian pearl jewelry. We have a huge collection of Tahitian pearl jewelry under this label. Our genuine Tahitian pearl earrings are one of our biggest and prized possessions.

It is thought by many people that Tahitian Pearls are normally produced in the islands of Tahiti. Tahiti is the major business hub of the Tahitian pearls. This is where the Tahitian pearls are traded and not just in one piece but traded in huge bulks. But it must be stated that there are not any Tahiti pearl farms located on the Tahiti Island itself. Tahiti pearl farms are located or dotted around the French Polynesia. The Tahiti farms to the east extend as far as the Gambier Islands and to the west they extend as far as the Micronesian Islands.

These genuine Tahitian pearl earrings actually originate from the black-lipped oyster. This black lipped oyster is named as Pinctada margaritafera. This oyster can be found in Tahiti Islands, around it and extends all over the French Polynesia. This oyster has huge dimensions. It weighs about ten pounds in total. Along with that, it has a width of twelve inches. Generally the rule that is followed regarding the oyster size and the pearl size is that larger the black lipped oyster larger is the size of the pearl which is obtained.

These pearls are so well known of or considered unique because of their dark colors. The Tahitian pearls that are considered black are not actually of black color at all. In fact they are of very dark colors like silver, charcoal or a collection of colors with green being the most prominent of them all. The black pearls that are truly black are one of the rarest jewels in the world. Their quality of being rare is what makes them so valuable and prized.

The genuine Tahitian pearl earrings are so favored and so liked by people all around the world that they are being sought after so much, that they might end up getting extinct. Before the 20th centaury began, people had already been so crazed up about this oyster and itís pearl that they flocked in huge groups to help themselves to them. At that point due to lack of awareness, there were no restrictions regarding the use of these oysters. But once the authorities realized the huge trouble this uncontrolled plucking off oysters was causing, they decided to make and enforce policies that were focused on the conservation of this timeless Tahitian pearl and the policies were also focused on the farming of these pearls in order to cultivate them again. The oyster was not only picked because of the treasures they had hidden in their folds or belly. They were also picked because of the outer shell itself.

Tahitian pearl farming was initiated far later than the farming of other varieties of pearls. A man named Jean-Marie Donard initiated Tahitian pearl farming. He began his experiments with the Tahitian pearls around 1960s. While experimenting he made adequate use of the Japanese techniques that are generally used for culturing. Finally in 1962, this man was able to finally have five thousand pearl oysters generated from his oyster farm using the Japanese techniques. Later after three years, he was successful in obtaining one thousand pearls in total from the oysters he had generated.

We at Laguna Pearl provide you with an adequate and a huge taste of these genuine Tahitian pearl earrings. We have disposed Tahitian earrings at your disposal and for your liking. We at Laguna Pearl strive to provide you with the best in the market so we deal with the farmers first hand, so that we are able to obtain the very best and the highest quality pearls for you. And we only deal with farmers who deal with pearls in the area of their origin.

Our genuine Tahitian pearl earrings collection is named as Tahitian south sea collection. This collection is huge. It contains designs of a huge variety. We make use of the most amazing colored pearls. The colors of the pearls are amazing and leave the person gazing deep in to them. Moreover, our designers have incorporated these pearls into very intricate designs. These designs are great in terms of their elegance and beauty. In these designs in order to add beauty and elegance, we have incorporated other jewels like diamonds to make these earrings even more appealing and to help accentuate the beauty of the Tahitian pearls.

On our website Laguna Pearl, we feature all these designs with large pictures that help you see all the intricacies and beautiful aspect of our designs. Along with the designs on our website, we also provide you with information regarding the price of the earrings. We even provide you with various offers. We provide you with offers like save 60 percent off if you purchase the earrings right now at this very instant. We assure you our offers are very attractive. Moreover, our website is not just user friendly and interactive it is also very appealing and pretty. Through our websites, we offer to you the entire world of pearls that we try to bring forth for you.

Our genuine Tahitian pearl earrings collection also contains earrings with various forms of latches. You can buy earrings in a top form. That is secured by a stopper at the end. You can even buy earring with a latch that seals with a click. Well we assure you we will make it very difficult for you to decide which earring to choose as both our earrings and offers are all one of a kind. You even have the option to compare the prices of various types of earrings and chose the one that is best for you.