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Pearl and Diamond Earrings - Incredibly Expensive and Stylish

Earring is an important part of the accessories of women. Almost all the women like wearing earrings. Those who have money go for more expensive earrings while others fulfill their desire by buying ones that are comparatively cheap. Pearl and diamond earrings are considered among the most expensive earrings. They may cost the customer a fortune but the wearer will surely stand out from other people. It is a luxury that only the women of extremely well off families can afford to have. It is a gift which is sure to make any women feel over the moon.

The pearl and diamond earrings basically consist of two elements i.e. pearl and diamond. Both are very classy but the difference is in their aura. Pearl gives the image of sophistication and quiet beauty whereas diamond is more flashy substance. All in all, the two materials are perfect complements of each other. Together, they do wonder for the wearer and are sure to catch the eye of any person. To be able to select a perfect earring, you need to know not only about the characteristics of a quality pearl but knowing the quality of diamond is equally important. To know more about how diamond can enhance the outlook and attractiveness of earring, you can visit our site Laguna Pearl.

You should be cautious when buying an earring in which pearl is the dominant material because a poor quality pearl can damage not only the look of the diamond but the general outlook of the earring is also scarred. Pearl is a precious substance and is formed by oysters. For pearls to form sand or grain need to enter the shell of the oyster. Pearls are also coated with nacre, a substance which is secreted by oyster and determines the quality of the pearl. There are natural as well as cultured pearls used in the manufacturing of earrings. There is no difference between the two except that they are produced by different methods. In cultured pearls, human factor plays a huge part and the whole process is carried out by expert pearl farmers. You can know in detail about cultured and natural pearls from our site Laguna Pearl.

There are many different kinds of pearl and diamond earrings that not only vary in color and shape but their texture and luster is also not the same. There are white, gray, blue, green as well as black pearls used in the manufacture of earrings. Pearls can be found naturally in the seas of many different countries. However, many countries culture the pearls in lakes as well. Some also culture them in sea water. Japan and China are considered the biggest producers of cultures sea water pearls. Tahitian black pearls are also very popular and are used by many jewelry designers in the manufacture of high quality and extremely expensive pearl and diamond earrings. Pearls of all colors should have a good smooth texture and luster on their surface. The luster is one important factor which determines the price of the earrings.

While the pearl is a soft material, diamond is a very hard material which is difficult to shape. This is one major reason which contributes to the incredibly high prices of diamond. A small piece of diamond can cost you a fortune. When selecting the pearl and diamond earrings, you should definitely check the quality of the cut of the diamond. You should make sure that the diamond is finely cut. The type of the cut determines the shine of the diamond. Naturally diamonds are crystal clear but they come in three different colors i.e. yellow, pink and red but red and pink diamond earrings are so expensive that only a few people can afford them. Most of the earrings have crystal clear diamonds on them. The lesser the number of imperfections on the surface of the diamond, the more expensive the earring will be. It is therefore very important to check the quality of the surface as well as cut of the diamond in the pearl and diamond earrings before paying the price. You need to make sure that the particular earring is worth the investment. The size of the carat is a determinate factor in the price of the diamond. The size is measured in carats. The higher the number of carats the more expensive the earring will be. The diamonds which are larger in size are not preferred on earrings because they make them really heavy which becomes uncomfortable for the ear. On our site Laguna Pearl, you can take a look at the most classic pearl and diamond earrings and you will come to know about the variation in prices of earrings depending upon the above mentioned factors.

Both pearl and diamonds are individually very expensive and quality materials, but when put together, they personify the beauty of the earring and accounts for the incredibly high prices. Taking good care of these earrings is just as important as buying them. Pearl is more sensitive to external conditions than diamond. It is a good idea to store the pearl and diamond earrings in the box in which they were bought otherwise blemishes may appear on the surface of pearl and damage the outlook of your earrings. It is important to keep these earrings away from sweat, oil, perfumes and other such chemicals which may tarnish the surface of not only pearl but also the diamond. However, if by any misfortune your pearl and diamond earrings are scratched then you can bring their luster back by using cleaning methods. Thanks to the technology, there are methods in which machines are used to luster the pearls but the problem is that most of the cleaning methods are expensive and can be a big drain on your budget. You can find out the details of these techniques from our site Laguna Pearl. Information and knowledge on handling expensive jewelry is very important so as to keep them in tact for a long duration. Through our site, you can also know about the chemicals that can be used for the cleaning purpose.