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Laguna Pearl has become known for offering the widest and most impressive collection of pearl necklaces on the internet. Whether you are looking for Tahitian Black Pearls, White South Sea Pearls, Golden South Sea Pearls, Akoya Pearls or Freshwater Pearls, our vast collection of gorgeous pearl necklaces are sure to meet your needs.
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Get your Favorite Pearl Necklaces on Sale from Laguna Pearl

Pearl is a very well renowned and favored jewel. There are various forms of pearls available in the world. Some of the pearls that are used extensively in jewelry are Tahitian Black pearls, Golden sea pearls, Fresh water pearls, south sea pearls and Akoya pearls. These pearls are used in a variety of jewelry pieces. Some of the jewelry pieces that are made from pearls are pearl necklaces, pearls earrings, pearl pendants and pearl bracelets. Many people have treasured pearl jewelry for a very long time. People from all around the world, of every cast or creed or from any region have all fallen prey to the good looks and liking of the pearls.

One of our most favored commodities is the pearl necklaces on sale. We have a huge variety of pearl necklaces. Our pearl necklaces vary in design and in the type of pearls used. They are not only beautiful to look at but they are also great to wear around the neck. They can make any simpleton look sophisticated. They themselves are simple but they are one of the most gorgeous pieces of jewelry that exist. Our pearl necklaces have a huge variety of pearls that are used in them. It makes your heart throb and makes you wonder how it would look around your neck.

There are two different grading systems that are used to differentiate between the pearl necklaces. The first grade is the A-D grade and the other is the A-AAA grade. The A-AAA scale is used to grade the Fresh water pearls and the Akoya pearls. In this scale, AAA scale is the one that represents the highest quality pearl necklaces on sale. This pearl is classified as being 95% defect free. It is almost defect free and has maximum amount of luster. This system is an AA grade. Therefore, it is 75% defect free with a little less bling than the AAA. The lowest grade in this regard is the A. This grade has more than 25% defects. And the amount of luster is less.

The other grade is the A-D scale. This grading system is used to grade the Tahitian pearls and the South Sea Pearls. This Tahitian is some times classified as the Tahitian system. Pearls that have a defect of less than 10 percent are given an A grade. The lowest grade in this grading system is grade D. The pearl that is graded less than D is classified as useless and not used for jewelry. So when you are buying your pearl necklaces on sale, ask the shopkeepers what scale are they using to grade their pearls.

Some of the various types of pearl necklaces on sale at our website are the following.

We have Japanese Akoya Pearl necklace. This necklace is very elegant and extremely alluring. It makes you stop and look at it for at least a while. They are extremely elegant and simple. They are available in a variety of colors. There are two premium classifications of the Akoya Pearl necklaces. One of them is the white necklaces and the other one are the black necklaces. There surfaces look extremely clean and this is what makes them look glamorous to a huge extent. And their luster is unbelievable. At Laguna Pearl, we offer you a variety that is next to unmatchable. We offer you necklaces that have various varieties that reach up to 120. These pearl necklaces on sale vary in shapes, sizes and colors.

We also hold the privilege of being the only company that uses the Akoya pearls from Japan. Japan is the country of origin of Akoya Pearl. Make no mistake. We only sell high quality Japanese Akoya pearls.

The Akoya classic white pearl necklaces on sale start from a price of $199. The pearl necklaces have various beautiful latches that are embedded with diamonds. These latches vary in design and size. On our website, we also show you the prices of our necklaces and we even give you an option to compare the prices of various necklaces.

The Tahitian south sea necklaces

They are one of our most exquisite ranges of necklaces that incorporate the highest quality pearls that we use. We only make use of the highest quality pearls. We reject anything that is not appropriate for our jewelry. There are various varieties of Tahitian necklaces. Some varieties are uniform color necklaces, multi color necklaces and baroque necklaces. Of all the three files, the Baroque necklaces are the ones that cost the least. Such necklaces start from a price of $599. While the other two varieties start from a price of $1999.

The thing to remember is that our Tahiti necklaces are graded by the A-D system. So when you go out to buy these pearls, you have to check for the grade of the pearl that you use.

White Sea south necklaces

Various people have long dubbed these pearl necklaces on sale as a symbol of power. They are considered as nothing less than the most prized treasures in the world. They have the same varieties of that of Tahitian Necklaces. In their case, the uniform color necklaces and the multi color necklaces all start from a range of $4499. But the Baroque necklaces start from a range of $2499.

They are one of our high end necklaces but they have a high selling power. They are so elegant and graceful that families use them mostly as heirlooms. If you want a family heirloom, be sure to shop at Laguna Pearls. On our website, you can view the multitudes of ways in which we use our south sea pearls to give you the best possible necklace.

Gold South Sea necklaces

These pearl necklaces on sale are made from pearls that are extracted from the South Sea themselves. Their place of origin is sufficient to say that their value is worth the price.

We offer you the same varieties. But in their case, Uniform Color necklaces start at a price of $3,999, the multi color necklaces will start at a price of $1,299 where as the Baroque necklaces start at the price of $1,999.

If you are looking for cheap pearl necklaces on sale that have excellent quality then you should go for the fresh water necklaces. They start in the price range of $69. But make no mistake. They are of an excellent quality.