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Akoya Pearls

akoya pearls

Akoya pearls are cultured pearls from Japan. Since the 1930s they've probably been the world's most popular pearl. Akoya sea pearls are available in a variety of colors and sizes usually ranging from 5 to 9mm. The pearls have a high luster and are a favorite for all types of pearl jewelry.

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"Everything came packaged perfectly and the pearls were all beautiful! My wife loved them. Thanks so much! Very easy and pleasant experience."
"Love the product. It was beautiful. It was better than I expected!"
Suzanne Z. -
July 23, 2022
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The Elegance of Akoya Pearls

Whether you are shopping for a gift or want to complete your collection with an Akoya Pearl Necklace, a pair of Akoya Pearl Earrings, or an Akoya Pearl Bracelet, Laguna Pearl offers exquisite ranges of jewelry in the finest finishes.

Akoya Pearl Colors and Shapes

Akoya pearl oysters are the smallest type of commercially farmed oysters, and unlike Freshwater Pearls, they seldom produce multiple pearls per harvest. A tiny mother of pearl bead is inserted into each oyster, and a pearl grows around it. For this reason, Akoya Pearls are often perfectly round. Top-quality Akoya Pearls have a mirror-like luster and are available in a variety of subtle neutral colors and overtones. When you shop for Akoya Pearls online, you can select your favorite tone from pure white to ivory, rose and peach overtones. Color-treated black Akoya Pearls are also another sought-after option.

Akoya Pearls Compared to Other Types of Pearls

These days, nearly all pearls for sale are cultured pearls. There’s a difference between pearls from freshwater sources and seawater pearls, with pearls grown in seawater being more expensive and rarer. Out of all pearl types, Akoya Pearls offer affordability without compromising on quality and luster. These gems of the sea are highly radiant, feature a thick nacre, and come in a gorgeous array of shades to choose from.

Always Buy from a Dealer You Can Trust

The only way to make sure that you are receiving the high-quality pearls you pay for is to buy from a reputable dealer. At Laguna Pearl, we issue a certificate of authenticity for every piece of pearl jewelry we sell, and we back our promise with a 60-day full money back guarantee. To safeguard that your pearls reach you safely, we offer free 2-day shipping, and every order is packed in a beautiful gift box.