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Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian pearls are among the rarest and most valuable type of pearls there are which come in a wide variety of colors and shapes which you can choose from which will perfectly suit your complexion. The color variety of Tahitian pearls that are available, come in shades of black, gun metal gray, brown, pink, blue, and a lot more equally fascinating colors. For example, darker shades of pearls like pure black or gun metal gray is perfect for women with rosy pink skin tone while on the other hand, those with smooth olive skin will be better to go for blue or purple pearl jewelry. Amongst other types of pearls in the market today, Tahitian pearls are more expensive not only because of their exotic beauty but also because they require great expertise to match the varying colors of these pearls. If you are more focused on accentuating your appearance using pearl accessories of this kind, you can go for a simple necklace with a tear drop Tahitian pearl as its pendant.

You can also choose a black pearl with several studs of semi-precious stones to further enhance the exquisite beauty of the pearl itself. Because black Tahitian pearls has been refined by forces of nature, they have always been admired and well-liked in the pearl market especially those who are often mesmerized by the beauty radiated by exotic items such as a Tahitian pearl. Basically, the black Tahitian pearl can be found in the saltwater surrounding the Polynesian Islands and this has always provided some form of mystery on the exquisiteness of this black pearl and for this reason, the price and value of a single Tahitian pearl can cost a large amount of money in the market today. But today, apart from the popularity of black Tahitian pearls, other dark shaded Tahitian pearls are already starting to gain some popularity in the pearl market including gun metal gray, dark blue and dark green Tahitian pearls. The exotic hue and sheen of all the Tahitian pearls sometimes depend on other factors such as the overall thickness of the nacre layer of the pearl, the condition of the sea where it was produced as well as the temperature.

The typical black Tahitian pearls that are almost perfect spherical in shape and include rare gem quality that are high-priced because of its rarity. But on the other hand, the expensive cost of this type of pearl has never discouraged women of finding and buying them whenever they get the opportunity. But this does not mean that average women cannot enjoy the beauty and elegance of owning jewelry with Tahitian pearls accents because there are now online pearl dealers that offer an excellent variety of the different types of pearl jewelry that will suit the taste of every woman. With the introduction of these online stores for pearl jewelry, finding that perfect set of Tahitian pearl earrings, necklace, or ring has never been this easy and as an added benefit, buyers can also guarantee that what they are buying are genuine and quality pearl jewelry.