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Freshwater Pearls

freshwater pearls

Freshwater pearls offer more variety in size, shape, and color than any other type of pearl. Perfectly formed and with a nacre layer which give them a mirror-like luster, Laguna Pearl's AAA and AAAA-grade Freshwater pearls are the most affordable pearls around.

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"Everything came packaged perfectly and the pearls were all beautiful! My wife loved them. Thanks so much! Very easy and pleasant experience."
"Love the product. It was beautiful. It was better than I expected!"
Suzanne Z. -
July 23, 2022
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Colors, Shapes, and Sizes of Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater Pearls are available in a wider diversity of pearl shapes, colors, and sizes than any other types of pearls, making them a favorite with jewelry designers. You can find Freshwater pearl jewelry in almost any style from pearl strands and bracelets to earrings and single beautiful Pearl Pendants or Pearl Rings.

In addition to traditional white pearls, cultured Freshwater Pearls come in a range of natural pastel colors such as pink, peach and cream. Pearl sizes range from 6 to 13mm, and the gems are available in round and off-round shapes.

At Laguna Pearl, we offer personalized options with our Freshwater Pearls. You can customize your pieces by choosing from a variety of clasps and premium finishes in silver and gold. For more glamorous options, add a touch of sparkle by opting for crystal-adorned pieces.

How to Select Freshwater Pearls

When shopping for Freshwater Pearls, there are several essential elements to consider. Unless you’re buying multicolor pearls, Freshwater pearl strands and bracelets should come in an even color and size. Pearls should always have high luster and few, if any, visible imperfections. Remember that not all pearls need be round; baroque pearls and off-round pearls are equally desirable. Use our pearl grading guide to help you select the best options for your style and budget.

Where Do Freshwater Pearls Come from?

Most Freshwater Pearls come from China, where they are cultivated on a large scale in rivers and lakes. Unlike sea oysters which tend to produce only one pearl at a time, mussels living in fresh water can produce several pearls at a time, and the same mussel can be harvested many times during its life. The abundant way in which mussels produce Freshwater Pearls, as well as the ease with which they produce a crop contribute to the affordability of Freshwater Pearls when compared to Akoya Pearls or Golden South Sea Pearls.

The Laguna Pearl Promise

At Laguna Pearl, we buy our Freshwater Pearls directly from pearl farms. With no intermediary, our prices are up to 70% lower than the ones from retail jewelers. We have more than 20 years of experience in the pearl industry and select only the best pearls for our jewelry collections. At Laguna Pearl, superb service doesn’t end with our products; we offer free delivery, a 60-day full money back guarantee, and a certificate of authenticity with all our pearl jewelry.