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Golden South Sea Pearls

golden south sea pearls

Golden South Sea pearls are the scarcest gems from the ocean. With hues ranging from pale butter to deep gold, their large size and deep luster will take your breath away. Select from our range of gold South Sea bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, and rings.

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"Everything came packaged perfectly and the pearls were all beautiful! My wife loved them. Thanks so much! Very easy and pleasant experience."
"Love the product. It was beautiful. It was better than I expected!"
Suzanne Z. -
July 23, 2022
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Where Do Golden South Sea Pearls Come from?

Pearls with an opulent gold color come from the Philippines. Golden-lipped oysters produce the pearls in natural yellow colors ranging from pale champagne to a lustrous deep gold. South Sea Pearls are slow-growing and like their cousins, Tahitian Black Pearls, it can take up to four years for an oyster to produce one perfect pearl.

Golden South Sea Pearls are not only renowned for their color, but also for their impressive size. Starting at 9mm, black, golden and White South Sea Pearls are the largest pearls in the world – so if you’re looking for jewelry with high impact, South Sea Pearls were destined to impress.

What Types of Jewelry Look Best with Golden Pearls?

When selecting pearls with an unusual color, opting for a coordinating piece such as a Golden South Sea Pearl Bracelet is definitely the right choice. The colors of Golden South Sea Pearls come alive when combined with gold, which is why we offer Golden South Sea pendants and earrings in 14K or 18K gold, enriched with diamonds. Alternatively, if you are looking for modern jewelry with an unusual twist, browse through our selection of Tin Cup Jewelry.

Shopping Guide for Golden South Sea Pearls

When shopping for Golden South Sea Pearls, color is highly important, followed by deep luster and nacre thickness. The rule of thumb with Golden Pearls is that the deeper the color, the more valuable the pearls. When buying a Golden South Sea Pearl Necklace or bracelet, even color-matching is essential. The size, absence of flaws and symmetrical shape of the pearl are also aspects that need to be considered. Remember that not every pearl needs be round; drop-shape and baroque South Sea Pearls are equally alluring.

Laguna Pearl’s Golden South Sea Pearl Quality Promise

Not all Golden South Sea Pearls are created equal. Pearls and other organic gems such as amber and coral are masterfully created by nature, so you can expect color variations and small imperfections from one pearl to the next.

At Laguna Pearl, we believe that when you invest in exceptional gems, you shouldn’t settle for anything but the best. All our Golden South Sea Pearls are AAA and AAAA graded according to the pearl grading chart – this means that they are the top 2 – 5% of a pearl harvest, carefully selected for their outstanding quality.

Buy with Confidence

Laguna Pearl consistently maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for our outstanding customer service, and thousands of five-star ratings on Trustpilot and Google attest to our customers’ satisfaction. With free shipping and our 60-day money back guarantee, there’s no reason to wait to order your Golden South Sea Pearls.