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Hanadama Pearls

hanadama pearls

The name Hanadama means ‘flower pearl', and it signifies the cream of an Akoya pearl crop. If you are looking for pearls with exceptional luster, orient, and flawless quality, a strand of Hanadama pearls is for you.

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Hanadama Pearls - The Finest Gems of the Sea

If you love Akoya Pearls, you will instantly fall in love with Hanadama Pearls. The word Hanadama, translated from Japanese, means ‘flower pearl’ – and in this case, it’s definitely a true description. Because of the excellent quality of Hanadama Pearls, they are scarce, and their luster and elegance are impossible to replicate.

What Are Hanadama Pearls?

When Mr. Mikimoto's technique to cultured seawater pearls in the early 1900s started yielding the first consistent harvests of round, lustrous cultured Akoya Pearls, he hand-selected the pick of the crop and called them "Hanadama".

The tradition of Hanadama Pearls continues, but these days, the selection process is even more rigorous. When an Akoya pearl crop is sorted, the best pearls are hand-picked and separated from the rest. These potentially perfect pearls are sent to the Pearl Science Laboratory (PSL) where they undergo tests to confirm their outstanding quality.

How Do I Know if My Hanadama Pearls Are Real?

Every strand or pair of Hanadama Pearls comes with a PSL certificate. The certificate gives the result of the tests that were performed on your pearls, complete with a photograph of your purchased pearls. Apart from any guarantee your pearl dealer gives you, if you buy Hanadama Pearls, they must be accompanied by their PSL certificate.

The most important characteristic of Hanadama Pearls is their mirror-like luster and near-perfect roundness. When shopping for Hanadama Pearls, it is impossible to verify with the naked eye whether the pearls are truly top quality Hanadama Pearls or AAA grade Akoya Pearls, which is why Hanadama Pearls have a PSL certificate to prove it.

The PSL certificate will tell you that your pearls were inspected under a special light and found to have a very strong luster and orient. The pearls have a near-flawless surface with a maximum of one notable inclusion per strand. In addition, the certificate also specifies the nacre thickness.

Hanadama Pearls vs Akoya Pearls

In essence, Hanadama Pearls and Akoya Pearls are part of the same category, but there are reasons why you might opt for one type of pearl over the other. If you want to invest in a strand of certified pearls of the highest quality, simply opt for Hanadama Pearls. On the other hand, if you want a pearl pendant necklace, a strand of pearls that you can modify or have lengthened, or you want to add more similar pearl jewelry to your collection later, AAA-grade Akoya Pearls are a sensible choice.

Laguna Pearl Offers Certified Hanadama Pearls

Every Hanadama Pearl Bracelet, necklace and pair of Hanadama Pearl Earrings at Laguna Pearl comes with a Pearl Science Laboratory certificate that attests to the strand’s provenance and quality. Apart from PSL certification, we maintain our own high-quality standards, and we offer a 60-day full money back guarantee on the Hanadama Pearls you buy online.

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