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August 5 marks a special day in the calendar of any fine food connoisseur, National Oyster Day.

Oysters, the fantastical natural factories that produce our beloved pearls, are also a profitable and important part of the US economy. For every $1 spent on producing or retrieving oysters, it makes its money back sevenfold. And, although oysters and other shellfish only make up to around 20% of the total catch by fisheries in the US, they contribute 50% of the fishing industry’s total export value of $148 billion. Now that’s a lot of oysters.

To celebrate this vital and distinctive part of the American economy this August, restaurants, bars, and delis will welcome avid customers and enthusiasts keen to use the day as a perfect excuse to indulge in one of nature’s great delicacies. Many of them may visit oyster bars around the country with friends, while others will be seeking to test the shellfish’s famed aphrodisiac qualities.

For those star-crossed lovers, we hope you use this day as an opportunity to splash out on a special date. To make this one to remember, here at Laguna Pearl we’ve recreated a truly extravagant National Oyster Day date with a fantastic location, some of the finest culinary accompaniments and, of course, the ideal gift to go with it - a beautiful pearl necklace. How much will it set you back? A cool $46,936.43. Take a look at each of the elements below.

Coffin Bay King Oysters

Price: $100 x 9 = $900

Although American oysters are some of the best in the world, the crown for most expensive oyster actually goes to Australia’s Coffin Bay King oysters. Farmed off the south coast of the country, these massive, beautifully flavored shellfish are guaranteed to impress any date.

Almas Caviar

Price: $30,800 per kilo, $164.27 per tsp. x 9 = $1478.43

At $30,800 per kilo, Almas Caviar is the most expensive in the world. A strain of beluga caviar, the eggs are creamy and delicately salted to give them a distinct taste. At $164 a teaspoon, make sure you savor every mouthful.

24ct Gold Leaf Powder

Price: $58 per pack

To add that little something extra to our caviar, we added gold leaf powder. Commonly used in baking, gold leaf powder doesn’t have much of a taste but adds some sparkle to the dish to make sure the food really catches your date’s eye.

Antique Sterling Silver Oyster Tray

Price: $14,900

You can’t present your oysters in just any old plate, so we wanted to find something classic for you to show them off on your date. This sterling silver, three tiered antique oyster tray will cost you a pretty penny at just shy of $15,000, but can you really put a price on style?

Maine Lobster

Price: $115 (2 lobsters)

These huge All-American lobsters are quite simply some of the best in the world, and we couldn’t leave all the fun to the Australians. With a distinctive red sheen that appears once cooked, they’re priced at an extravagant $115 a pair.

Dom Perignon

Price: $556

Dom Perignon is not the most expensive champagne on the market, but its mixture of pinot noir, and specifically chardonnay grapes, mean its sweet taste compliments the shellfish and still makes for a special accompaniment to the meal.

Golden South Sea Pearl Necklace

Price: $26,749

The only pairing that would fit with a Coffin Bay oyster is one of our glamorous, golden South Sea Pearl necklaces, farmed and found off the South Coast of Australia. At over $28,000, it’s no small price tag, but it’s iridescence and classic style make it the ideal gift to show someone that you really care about them.

Flights to Coffin Bay

Price: $1106-$2180

Although National Oyster Day is an American holiday, where better to get Coffin Bay oysters than the place itself - Australia’s Coffin Bay? Flights vary from $1106 (Los Angeles) to $2180 (New York) leaving on Tuesday night, getting there in time for Oyster Day and returning Sunday.

Total: $46,936.43

How are you spending this year’s National Oyster Day? Let us know on Twitter