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Pearl Earrings

Our vast collection of pearl earrings features an endless variety of elegant designs. Shop our selection of Akoya, Freshwater, Tahitian, White and Golden South Sea pearls.

Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings are an exquisite way to add a dash of sophistication to any outfit. From Princess Diana to Audrey Hepburn, some of recent history’s most celebrated women regularly donned these delightful pieces of jewelry. Our favorite part? There are styles upon styles to choose from, one more beautiful than the next. Below, we provide some tips to help narrow down your options and choose a stunning pair of pearl earrings that you’ll love for a lifetime.  


Choosing the Perfect Gemstone Color

From the classic white color that pearls are most known for to more unique hues like pink, black, and gold, pearls feature an array of irresistible colors. These correspond with their pearl types. The most important thing to consider here is the look you’re going for. White pearl earrings help create a classic look as they dangle gracefully on your ears. Colored pearl earrings, on the other hand, offer a great way to add a unique touch that will give your outfit more pop.


Diamond-Embellished Pearl Earrings

Pearls and diamonds are two of the most dazzling gemstones. A combination that features both on a single pair of earrings creates a look that oozes with elegance. If you’re looking for a truly breathtaking pair of earrings that are perfect for a special occasion, browse through our expansive selection of diamond-embellished pearl earrings.


Pearl Studs VS Dangle Pearl Earrings

Both of these pearl earring styles are quite appealing, so it ultimately depends on what you’re after. Pearl studs are the timeless pearl look that can be described as simple, refined, and understated. With dangle earrings, you have more choice as far as the design is concerned and can choose a pair that is more unique to you.


What’s better than a pair of pearl earrings? A matching pearl necklace (or perhaps a bracelet). Laguna Pearl boasts an impressive collection of the finest pearl jewelry at the most competitive prices. Browse through our website to find a piece of pearl jewelry that you’ll treasure for years to come.