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    Pearl Earrings

    Laguna Pearl offers a wide array of high quality pearl earrings including black pearl earrings, white south sea pearl earrings, and many more. From basic pearl stud earrings to high-end Tahitian pearl earrings, our impressive collection of hundreds of styles can meet your needs for any upcoming occasion.
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    • Akoya Pearls
    • Freshwater Pearls

    Pearl Earrings

    People have prized pearls since time immemorial. Archaeological evidence shows that the pearl trade in the coastal cities of the Arabian Peninsula goes back many thousands of years, far older than any agricultural product. Poets and historians wrote about the beauty and rarity of pearls in some of humanity's earliest works of literature, and every ancient culture that knew about pearls placed great value on them. Among the many items made with pearls, earrings have always been one of the most popular.

    There are several types of pearl earrings. One of the most classic styles is the stud earring in which the pearl forms ornament like a button with a post in the back. The post goes through the wearer's pierced ear and is held on with an ear nut. A more modern look gaining popularity in recent years is the chandelier earring. Here, there are several branches hanging to different lengths from the base of the earring. These earrings attract a lot of attention because they tend to be long and flamboyant. Clip earrings are attached to the ear using a small metal clip, making them suitable for pierced or non-pierced ears. Drop earrings hang in a straight line from the base. On these earrings, the pearl may stand alone or be grouped with other stones or charms.

    The pearls earrings are made from are now more beautiful than ever. Round shapes were once difficult to attain, but they are now common along with various asymmetrical or baroque shapes. They have a soft, satiny luster that pleases the eye, and colors that were once unusual, like pink, lavender and silver, are common today. Some of the finest cultured pearls are the Akoyas, perfect spheres with a rich luster and overtones of cream, silver or rose. There are also South Sea pearls, which come in white and golden varieties. For those who prefer something truly unusual, there are black Tahitian pearls.

    When purchasing pearl earrings, it's important to get them from a reputable, well-established merchant like Laguna Pearl. Here you can find an assortment of beautifully-shaded, symmetrical pearls in settings of impeccable design. For high-quality pearls in jewelry of exceptional beauty, come to Laguna Pearl.