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    Pearl Necklaces

    Laguna Pearl has become known for offering the widest and most impressive collection of pearl necklaces on the internet. Whether you are looking for Tahitian Black Pearls, White South Sea Pearls, Golden South Sea Pearls, Akoya Pearls or Freshwater Pearls, our vast collection of gorgeous pearl necklaces are sure to meet your needs.
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    The Beauty And Affordability Of Pearl Necklaces

    Pearl necklaces are beautiful and regal. They can dress up any outfit from heels and jeans to an evening gown, and they come in a wide variety of colors. Most people think that pearls only come in white, off-white or black. That's not true. Pearls come in a wide variety of colors including white, off-white, pink, peach, lavender, black, silver and gold, and all of these types and colors of pearls are sold at Laguna Pearl.

    Types of Pearls

    There are also many different types of pearls that can be threaded onto a pearl necklace. There are Akoya pearls, which come from Japan; Tahitian pearls, which come from the Tahitian side of the South Sea, South Sea pearls and Freshwater pearls, and each distinct type of pearl comes in its own colors with its own grading system.

    Pearl Grades

    Akoya pearls come from Japan and are typically white or black. They are also graded into five categories for quality. The best Akoya pearls are graded Hanadama. Hanadama graded pearls are 99 percent perfect with a superior luster and a very thick nacre. They are also perfectly round. The next lowest grade is "AAA." "AAA" graded Akoya pearls are 95 percent perfect. They have a very high luster and shine, and they have a very thick nacre. They are also perfectly round. The mid-grade for Akoya pearls is "AA+." "AA+" pearls are 90 percent clean and free of marks and blemishes. They have a high luster and a thick nacre. These pearls are also perfectly round. There are two other grading systems for Akoya Pearls, but the lowest two grades of pearls are not sold at Laguna Pearl because their surfaces are only 70 percent to 80 percent clean and 50 percent clean, and the pearls are not perfectly round. Therefore, they are not a high enough quality to be sold at Laguna Pearl.

    There are also Freshwater pearls from Japan and China, Tahitian pearls from the South Sea and South Sea. All of these types of pearls are graded under four categories. Those categories are "A," "AA," "AA+," and "AAA." The ratings coincide with those of Akoya pearls, and like the Akoya pearls, Laguna Pearl only sells the top two highest grades.

    Why Laguna Pearl

    Laguna Pearl is known for their huge selection of pearl necklaces at affordable prices. A freshwater pearl necklace with five millimeter to nine millimeter pearls can be purchased for as little as $69 while a spectacular 13 millimeter to 15 millimeter white South Sea Necklace with a "AAA" rating can be purchased for $28,000.

    Laguna Pearl sells freshwater necklaces in white, pink, lavender and peach. The company sells Akoya necklaces in white and black, Tahitian South Sea pearl necklaces in black and South Sea necklaces in white and gold. Laguna pearl has price points, sizes and colors for every budget, taste and preference, and the purchaser has the option to choose the size, color and rating that suits both their budget and their preference.