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    Akoya Pearls

    Cultured Akoya Pearl Necklaces have become one of the most popular pearls within all categories because of their amazing luster, clean surface quality, and incredible value. Our amazing collection of both white and black akoya pearls is sure to meet all the needs of any pearl lover.
    • White Akoya
    • Black Akoya

    Akoya Pearl Necklaces

    Wearing a beautiful pearl necklace means many things to many people. When you think about what a pearl necklace is, most people will immediately be drawn to the image of a beautiful white strand of pearls, like what you would wear to a special occasion or even to your wedding.

    The interesting thing about that idea is that the image that you’ve just conjured up is exactly what Akoya pearl necklaces deliver from the second that you open up the box that they come in.

    Akoya pearls are some of the highest quality pearls on the market today. Not every pearl can be an Akoya pearl; they have very strict quality guidelines. A true Akoya pearl has an almost incomparable luster, shape, and nacre. Even though every Akoya pearl is judged to be perfect, we only use Akoya pearls that are the highest standard of perfection in our pearl necklaces.

    At Laguna Pearl, you can find Akoya pearl necklaces in two beautiful shades: white and black.

    The white necklace is your classic pearl necklace. You can wear it anywhere, and at anytime. If you are looking for something more formal or that you can double or triple wrap, you can choose a longer option. For a more casual or modern look, a tighter choker or even a slightly longer necklace is a great option as well.

    The black Akoya pearl necklaces that we stock are some of the finest examples of black Akoya pearls around today, and they are a rare find indeed. You may not be able to wear them every day of the week, but they will make you shine in a way that only Akoya pearls can do when you find the occasion to take them out on the town.

    Whichever color you choose, you are making the choice to wear beautiful Akoya pearls around your neck, and that will make a statement to anyone who lays their eyes on you.