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Akoya Pearl Necklaces

The Akoya pearl is a widely admired due to its lustre, surface quality, and value. Many of our popular white pearl necklaces can be customised for you, including the choice of clasp, the overtone colour of the pearl, and the length of the piece. For something more exotic, see our range of Akoya black pearl necklaces.





Akoya Pearl Necklaces

Akoya pearls are arguably the most recognized type of cultured pearls in the world. They are highly regarded for two main reasons which set them apart from any other type of pearl: luster and shape.  Akoya pearls feature a very high luster which gives them a glow that is truly captivating, making them seem as though they are lit up from the inside. They are also extremely round and spherical, one of the most important qualities for a pearl.


White or Black? Choosing the Right Color for Your Akoya Pearl Necklace

White Akoya pearl necklaces are a classic choice that you can never go wrong with. They possess a timeless aesthetic that will never go out of style, and in addition, add the perfect dash of sophistication to any ensemble. Black Akoya pearl necklaces are considered to have a more modern flair, but still maintain a high level of elegance. Match a black Akoya necklace with a pink pearl bracelet to create a look that will definitely turn heads.


The Quintessential Piece of Bridal Jewelry

For decades, brides have turned to white Akoya pearl necklaces to make them shine their brightest on their wedding day. Pair the necklace with a gorgeous set of large South Sea pearl earrings for a stunning combination that is absolutely breathtaking.


Akoya pearls necklaces are treasured throughout the globe, and it’s easy to understand why. Whether you decide on a white or black necklace, be confident that you’re purchasing a classic piece of jewelry that you will love for a lifetime.