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Freshwater Pearl Necklaces

At Laguna Pearl our range of Freshwater pearl necklaces come in white, pink or multicolor strands. Within our pink pearl collection are a selection of delicate peach pearl designs which are flattering to all complexions. Our classic white pearl collection includes standard or opera length, single or multi-strand designs, as well as varying pearl sizes.

Freshwater Pearl Necklaces

Freshwater pearl necklaces are undoubtedly one of the most popular choices for pearl jewelry. People love them because of their affordable price points that are extremely budget-friendly. In recent years, the quality of freshwater pearls has been further enhanced through advancements in cultivation practices. Whether you’re searching for a gift to yourself or for someone special to you, these necklaces are always a fantastic option.


White, Pink, or Multicolored?

Freshwater pearls feature three unique colorways, all of which are feminine, elegant, and timeless. If you prefer something more classic, then a white freshwater pearl strand is the perfect choice. If you’re looking for something that has a touch of uniqueness, then consider a gorgeous pink freshwater necklace. For an exotic necklace that will truly stand out, opt for a multicolored necklace that not only features white and pink, but in addition, gold and grey tones.


Choosing the Right Sized Pearls

The size of the pearls not only impacts the value of the necklace, but also the style of it. Generally speaking, larger pearls are much expensive than smaller ones. As far as style, larger pearls are ideal for a special occasion when you want to make a fashion statement. Necklaces that feature smaller pearls, on the other hand, are incredible for adding a perfect finishing touch to your everyday outfits.


Pair your freshwater pearl necklace with matching set of freshwater pearl earrings to create a cohesive look that is dazzling throughout. Or, if you want a more modern look, pair your pink pearl necklace with a contrasting Tahitian black pearl bracelet. In the end, no matter the option you decide on, choose something that you believe you will treasure your new necklace for a lifetime.