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Golden Pearl Necklaces

Rare and beautiful Gold South Sea pearls are a stunning addition to any necklace. Our collection of naturally colour pearls includes uniform colour strands, as well as multicolour strands that mix in Tahitian pearls. Look glamourous in our off-round Gold pearl necklace range.

Golden South Sea Pearl Necklaces

There is arguably no type of pearl as unique as golden South Sea pearls. Similar to white South Sea pearls, they also possess incredible size and a deep, radiating luster. That said, it’s their natural golden color that truly sets them apart. The rich golden hues are absolutely irresistible and work especially well on pearl necklaces, perfectly complementing many different skin tones. These necklaces are the perfect way of making a fashion statement that is eye-catching, elegant, and one-of-a-kind. If you’re searching for a truly exquisite piece of pearl jewelry, a golden South Sea pearl necklace is undoubtedly a phenomenal option.


Your New Favorite Pearl Color

While white pearls may still be considered the most popular pearl color, more and more people are beginning to opt for golden pearls.  In recent years, the popularity of golden South Sea pearls has steadily risen and this is in large part due to celebs like Kate Middleton, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Scarlett Johannsson making people more aware of these awe-inspiring gems. A golden South Sea pearl necklace is the perfect way of adding a touch of extra class and sophistication to an outfit.


The Perfect Pearl Pairing

The best part about golden South Sea pearl necklaces? They work surprisingly well with many other pearl colors. Pair a golden South Sea pearl necklace with a set of black Tahitian pearl earrings for a dazzling and bold look that’s sure to turn heads. Or, pair a golden pearl necklace with a pink freshwater pearl bracelet for a more feminine and chic style. The combinations are endless, one more beautiful than the next.