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South Sea Pearl Necklaces

White South Sea pearls are some of the rarest and most valued pearls in the world because of their size and impressive lustre. Our collection of South Sea pearl necklaces includes uniform white pearls, multi-colour strands, and gorgeous off-round pieces. You can customise your pearl necklace by choosing from a variety of clasps and strand lengths.

White South Sea Pearl Necklaces

There is one word that perfectly describes white South Sea pearl necklaces: breathtaking. Not only are these some of the largest pearls found, but in addition, they possess a remarkable color and luster that certainly sets them apart. Many pearl experts consider white South Sea pearls one of the rarest types due to a few different reasons. To begin, they have a very small culturing area, almost exclusively found off the shores of Australia. Next, out of all pearl types, they require the most time to develop—up to 4 years. Finally, white South Sea pearls require great care because they are extremely sensitive to different environmental factors that could easily affect their development. Considering everything that it takes for a white South Sea pearl to develop, it’s quite easy to understand why they’re so special.


A Necklace Fit for a Queen

White South Sea pearl necklaces exude a royal aura that’s full of class and sophistication. Especially when lined up next to one another on a strand, these large white pearls give off a glow that is undeniably captivating. One subtle aspect that many people love these pearls because of is their silver overtone which seems to highlight the incredible luster quality of the pearls.


A Match Made in Heaven

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind gift, whether for yourself or someone special to you, a white South Sea necklace is always a phenomenal choice that will be treasured for a lifetime. Pair a necklace with a set of white South Sea pearl earrings for a combination with unparalleled elegance. Or, if you prefer a more modern and chic look, layer the necklace with a 17’’ princess-length Tahitian black choker necklace