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Pearl Pendants

Our pendant designs range from elegant simplicity to ornate decadence. Browse our pearl pendant collection to see our variety of pearl types, sizes and settings.

Pearl Pendants

Pearl pendants are a stylish, modern way to exquisitely finish off any ensemble. They are an ultra-chic jewelry option that pairs one of the most popular jewelry types together with one of the most beloved gemstones. There are many beautiful styles, all of which feature unique design details that makes each one special in its own way. Whether you’re looking for a pearl pendant for yourself or one to gift to someone special in your life, these vibrant pieces of jewelry are always a great choice.


Simple and Elegant Pearl Pendants

You can never go wrong with a simple and sleek pearl pendant style. Solitaire and drop varieties are both examples of more understated designs that absolutely ooze of elegance. Browse our vast selection of Akoya and Tahitian pearl pendants to see some of these dashing options.


Ornate Pearl Pendant Designs

Simple and elegant designs are a flawless choice, but sometimes we are looking for something truly jaw-dropping that will turn heads. From golden South Sea pearls to pendants adorned with diamonds, we offer an array of sophisticated pearl pendants that feature various types lavish details.


A pearl ring or set of earrings can be the perfect complement to a pearl pendant. They have the ability to highlight the pendant and create a dazzling look through and through. That said, whether you decide on a set pearl pieces or the pendant by itself, you’re making a great jewelry purchase that will undoubtedly be treasured for a lifetime.