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Tahitian Pearls are considered to be some of the most exotic and beautiful pearls in the world. With the largest collection of uniform and multicolor Tahitian strands on the internet, Laguna Pearl has build a solid reputation for having the highest quality Tahitian Pearl Necklaces available anywhere. While Tahitian South Sea Pearls are commonly known as "Black Pearls", Tahitian pearls actually consist of hundreds of different colors across a wide color spectrum of exotic colors such as peacock green, silver green, blue, and eggplant colors. All of our Tahitian pearls are 100% genuine Tahitian South Sea pearls, which have never been treated, dyed or enhanced in any way.

Laguna Pearl upholds the highest standard when it comes to the grading of all our pearls. Our stringent grading system exceeds the standards defined by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in the United States and the Perles de Tahiti classification guide by the French Polynesian Parliament Regulation. What differentiates Laguna Pearl is that our company is a direct importer of Tahitian Pearls from the pearl farms of French Polynesia. Our tremendous inventory and availability of Tahitian strands on the internet has made Laguna Pearl the online leader in Tahitian pearls.

Our system consists of four grades: AAAA Quality, AAA Quality, AA Quality, and A Quality. Our grading system follows in line with the MOST ACCEPTED grading system in the pearl jewelry industry (both online and in retail stores) for Tahitian Pearls.


Tahitian pearls generally range in size from as small as 8mm to as large as 16mm. Pearls below 10mm are typically considered small in size. 10mm until 12mm are generally the more popular sizes selected for necklaces, while anything above 13mm is considered to be larger, rarer, and much more valuable (especially in the higher qualities like AAA Quality). Tahitian pearl necklaces often graduate in size, we offer both graduated (i.e., 10-12mm or 11-13mm strands) and non-graduated (i.e., 9-10mm and 10-11mm strands) pearl necklaces. None of our graduated necklaces graduate by more than 3 millimeters. They graduate slowly and evenly in size from the smallest-size pearls in the back to the largest in the front of the necklace.


Nacre thickness is an important factor when measuring a pearl's quality. Laguna Pearl is committed to offering pearls that consist of very thick nacre coatings. In truth, most governments set a minimum nacre thickness of 0.8mm to prevent low quality pearls from being exported from the country. Furthermore, all pearls are x-rayed and evaluated to ensure that they meet the strict nacre standards of their particular region. Therefore, all pearls on the retail market have already been approved of this standard. All pearls used by Laguna Pearl have undergone these inspections to ensure that they are of the highest quality.