White South Sea Pearls

white south sea pearls

Laguna Pearl offers White South Sea Pearls in a range of gorgeous jewelry including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants, and rings. You will love the classic color and exceptional size of these pearls.

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"The AAA pearls are beautifully matched and the sheen is mirror like. The packaging is elegant and the earrings arrived very quickly."
"Love the product. It was beautiful. It was better than I expected!"
Timothy J. -
July 23, 2022
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White South Sea Pearls - The Most Sought-After Gems of the Sea

White pearls are a classic choice whether you are shopping for a pearl necklace or a single beautiful pearl in a ring. There are many types of white pearls, but the most majestic of them all are the White South Sea Pearls. If you are looking for dazzling jewelry, you won't find more exciting options than White South Sea Pearls with an impressive size and unique luster.

Whether you are wearing a full strand or a single beautiful pearl in a White South Sea Pendant, the luster and the glowing qualities of these gems of the sea can't go unnoticed. To amplify the effect, wear your necklace on a glamorous occasion and pair it with a White South Sea Bracelet, ring and matching earrings.

Colors, Shapes and Sizes of White South Sea Pearls

Silver-lipped oysters produce a variety of enticing pearl colors. You can find White South Sea Pearls with overtones of silver, cream and even blue. Round South Sea Pearls are actually rare, as the pearl shape tends to be oval or baroque – in fact, this is a distinctive characteristic of most cultured South Sea Pearls.

White South Sea Pearls can grow to a size up to 20mm, but the pearls are mostly 10 - 14mm in diameter, which is larger than most saltwater pearls. The pearls are not only sought after for their size, but South Sea Pearls also have a softer and deeper luster compared to other types. This is due to the large aragonite platelets that make up the pearl layers and the long growing period which produces an exceptionally thick and dense nacre.

White South Sea Pearls vs Other White Pearls

Cultured South Sea Pearls take two to four years to grow and they are found in limited regions. This means that the demand for the large round gems will always outdo availability. If you prefer spherical pearls but don't want to compromise on size and quality, consider Hanadama Pearls. Hand-picked for their near perfection, these treasured Japanese pearls have high luster, and are available in impressive 10mm+ sizes. When selecting pearls, never compromise quality for size, and if you are shopping on a budget, keep the pearl grade in mind. Although white Freshwater Pearls and Akoya Pearls don't grow as large as White South Sea Pearls, gems with great color and luster are always a sound investment.

Thousands of Satisfied Customers Attest to Laguna Pearl's Quality and Service

Buying jewelry at up to 75% off retail is a great incentive to buy pearls online, but you need to know that you are purchasing from a reputable dealer. At Laguna Pearl, excellent customer service is our priority, and our five-star reviews on Trustpilot and Google speak for themselves. With us, you won't only pay less for White South Sea Pearls, but we will also send your parcel with fast and secure shipping, and you will receive a certificate of authenticity with every purchase, plus benefit from our 60-day money back guarantee.