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New York vs. L.A. – Which is worse at anniversaries?

Anniversaries are an important and special occasion for many couples, however, a lot of people manage to make mistakes, such as getting the date wrong, buying presents at the last minute, or even forgetting completely.
We wanted to understand why this happens, so we decided to find out who is the worst at anniversaries, New York or Los Angeles? To do this, we asked 2,000 men and women from each city to confess their anniversary crimes, so we could discover where the biggest culprits live, and what causes them to mess things up.
We discovered that men are, on average, guiltier than women when it comes to remembering, with 34.5% admitting to forgetting an anniversary, compared to just 26.5% of their female counterparts.
Men also take a more last-minute approach to gift-buying – but will typically splash a bit more cash on their significant other.
Take a look at our findings to discover more of the anniversary crimes of men and women across Los Angeles and New York!

The importance of anniversaries

Surprisingly, New York and Los Angeles are two very different cities when it comes to finding anniversaries important. In New York, women are more likely than men to find anniversaries important, whereas in Los Angeles, this was the case with men. You can see how this differed across different areas in each city in the diagrams below.

Last minute shopping

For many, anniversary presents are a serious problem – as 28% of people leave gift buying until the very last minute. Surprisingly, South LA was the only district within the two cities where women were more likely than men to leave things until the 11th hour.

Getting the date wrong

Forgetting the big day itself is the worst anniversary crime of all! We found that both cities were as bad as each other, as 24% of people were unsure of the date, or lied about knowing when their anniversary is. Across the two cities, men and women were also equal, however, you may find some of the districts surprising.

Losing track of time

If you find it difficult to keep track of important dates, you are not alone: a staggering 68% of people said they regularly lose track of what day it is. Luckily, we offer a reminder service when you sign up to our newsletter.

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