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Pearl Necklaces

Premium Pearl Necklaces

A real pearl necklace is one of the greatest pieces of classic jewelry in the history of fashion. Worn with modern panache, pearls are also the most versatile gems to accessorize your wardrobe and express your style.

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"Everything came packaged perfectly and the pearls were all beautiful! My wife loved them. Thanks so much! Very easy and pleasant experience."
"Love the product. It was beautiful. It was better than I expected!"
Suzanne Z. -
July 23, 2022
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Shopping Guide for Pearl Necklaces

At Laguna Pearl, we offer the widest range of pearl necklaces, including Freshwater, Akoya, Tahitian, White South Sea and Golden South Sea designs in a diverse range of finishes and colors.

We're here to provide a flawless shopping experience, so make sure to follow our simple 5-step guide on choosing the perfect pearl necklace.

1.Select Your Pearl TYPE

Decide on the desired pearl type according to your budget, occasion and taste. For a budget-friendly alternative, Freshwater Pearl Necklaces are great pieces for both versed and beginner collectors. If you are looking for classic white pearls with high luster, opt for one of our Akoya Pearl Necklaces or for our White South Sea pieces. For an added note of enigmatic allure, choose from our selection of Tahitian Pearls - or opt for glam with our Golden South Sea Pearl Necklaces.

2.Select Your Pearl COLOR

From the classic whites to black, golden, soft pink and pastel peach, our pearls come in a gorgeous selection of shades, with black pearls including a striking range of colors like peacock green, silver and bronze. In addition, we offer a modern range of multicolor pearl necklaces that feature elegant combinations of colors.

3.Select Your Pearl SIZE

Depending on the type, pearls come in a diverse range of sizes, from the dainty 2mm to the impressively large 16mm. Prior to making a decision, make sure to check our pearl sizing chart.

4.Select Your Desired Necklace LENGTH

Our Pearl Necklaces come in a varied range of lengths, suitable for different occasions. If you are looking for a daytime-appropriate, versatile piece, opt for the choker length (measuring 16") or the princess length. For a dramatic evening look, Laguna Pearl carries opera and rope length pieces, measuring up to 51".

5.Add the Finishing Touches

Pick your closure of choice, available in a diverse range of designs, from classic and elegant to minimalistic and modern. For an added note of glam, choose one of our diamond-enriched clasp closures in white or yellow gold.

For a complete look, coordinate your pearl necklace of choice with one of our matching Pearl Earrings or Pearl Bracelets, available in the finest finishes.