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golden south sea pearl necklaces

Renowned for their large size and exceptional color, golden South Sea pearls are the rarest pearls of all. Select from our range of uniform color and multicolored pearls or choose a strand of extraordinary baroque South Sea pearls.

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"The AAA pearls are beautifully matched and the sheen is mirror like. The packaging is elegant and the earrings arrived very quickly."
"Love the product. It was beautiful. It was better than I expected!"
July 23, 2022
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Why Golden South Sea Pearl Necklaces?

With their exceptional appearance and radiant coloring, Golden South Sea Necklaces are conversation-starter pieces. Undeniably distinguished and graceful, pearl collectors worldwide regard Golden South Sea Pearls as the royalty of pearls. Whether you prefer a uniform color or the playfulness of a multicolored strand, both baroque and round Golden South Sea Pearls are unique and undoubtedly glamorous. The only thing more beautiful than Golden Pearls is more pearls, so consider adding Golden South Sea Pearl Earrings or a Pearl Bracelet to your collection in order to amplify the impact.

What Makes Golden South Sea Pearls so Special?

Golden-lipped oysters in the Philippines produce yellow-colored South Sea Pearls. The same oyster species also produces white pearls, but luminescent deep golden-colored pearls are the scarcest and most coveted of all pearls. In addition to the unusual color, Golden South Sea Pearls have qualities that set them apart from any other pearl:

  • South Sea Pearls are much larger compared to other pearls. Golden pearl sizes start at 9mm and can reach up to 12 or 15mm.
  • Good Pearls grow slowly. Compared to Akoya and Freshwater Pearls, Golden South Sea Pearls take much longer to grow, and as a result, the nacre is much thicker.
  • The oysters produce pearls in many shades of gold and producers need thousands of pearls to select enough gems in order to assemble just one uniformly colored Golden South Sea Pearl Necklace.
  • Gold-lipped oysters are sensitive to their environment and only grow in certain parts of the world, which means that there is always a higher demand for Golden South Sea Pearls than producers can supply.

Buy from a Company You Can Trust

Golden South Sea Pearl Necklaces are investment pieces, and you want your treasured jewelry’s value to appreciate so you can pass it as an heirloom on to future generations. At Laguna Pearl, we assure you that you are buying pearls of the highest quality. A certificate of authenticity accompanies all of our Golden South Sea Pearl Necklaces, and we deliver your jewelry free of charge in a beautiful gift box. For your peace of mind, we protect your purchase with a 60-day money back guarantee.